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“I see my music as a movement, mixing hope and entertainment.” That was Danny Gokey’s parting comment as he made his third place exit from the country’s most popular talent competition, American Idol in 2009. He really didn’t know what that would actually look like, but he had a passion to pursue it and find out. Music had always been more than just soulful vocal acrobatics to the Milwaukee native. It was a vehicle to deliver hope and inspiration to anyone within earshot. He was determined to find a way to marry his love of music and his for heart for helping people. For Gokey, that came in the form of moving to Nashville, developing a music career and starting his own non-profit that served his hometown & his newly adopted hometown in Nashville. But, after ten years of running the non-profit, serving under-privileged youth, flood victims and homeless families, Danny was heartbroken when in 2016, he had to close the doors of Sophia’s Heart (named after his late wife) due to a lack of financial support.

A song on his sophomore record called “Better Than I Found It,” re-ignited Danny’s dream to found a Movement and make a difference! “What if we helped those who are already helping others? Who is helping them,” he thought. He didn’t want to see another non-profit, doing good work in their community, shut down because they didn’t have what they needed to continue.

This was exactly the kind of idea he had been looking for all along. By helping those who help others, the impact of whatever ‘Better Than I Found It’ could give would automatically be multiplied a hundred times over.

By changing something for an organization, we wouldn’t wouldn’t just change one individual, one family, one city, we could change the world! ‘Better Than I Found It’ would bring the message of hope to millions of people through empowering other organizations to continue and expand what they were already successfully doing in their respective communities.

So here we are, on the ground floor of this thing. We’ve already impacted our home town by partnering with an organization called People Loving Nashville. See more about that story on our Projects page. Now we’re searching for our next point of impact. If you’re inspired by the heart of our organization, we want to invite you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT through these avenues.

1. Donate toward our next project through the donate tab on this site.

2. Share your testimony about how this movement has impacted you or someone you know through our contact page.

3. Nominate an individual or organization for our next project.

4. Post “Better Than I Found It” song or website to your socials with the hashtags #JointheMovement #BetterThanIFoundIt

5. Pray for us, and the organizations we are helping. We all need that support.

watch the show

Want to know more about the projects we’re doing? Stay tuned for our upcoming video series featuring the inspiring stories behind these non-profits and how ‘Better Than I Found It’ came alongside and helped them keep going. Each episode will feature a new city and a new project. As hosts, Danny and his wife Leyicet will introduce you to the staff of each organization and the people they help. Become a “Better Than I Found It” donor, and you’ll actually be able to watch the physical impact of your donation unfold on screen.

the song

This is the song that started it all. The message has begun to hit home with everyone who hears it. Not only does it speak to the current unrest in our culture, but also challenges the listener to “be a light” and leave their world better than they found it.

It’s not hard to look around these days and see what our problems are as a nation. We see tension, chaos, families and communities breaking down, and lack of connection with the people around us. As a result, suicides and mass shootings are going up; hopelessness and despair weigh heavy on people’s minds and emotions. Real change is needed to turn the tide. But change can’t happen without each person doing their part – choosing to make a difference in their corner of the world. It can have a ripple effect that spreads like wild fire. If we’ll let it.

Share this song on social media with the hashtags #JointheMovement #BetterThanIFoundIt #BeALight to spread hope and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!


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