People Loving Nashville

“Our mission is to bring hope to the needy by meeting physical needs and building relationships based on the love of Jesus Christ.”

One fateful Thanksgiving, four siblings had an over abundance of food. They decided to take it to the streets and offer it to those without something to eat. It was such a simple act of kindness, but it was the seed of what has become a weekly solution for hundreds of hungry homeless men, women and children.

‘Better Than I Found It’ heard that this well respected organization was about to lose their kitchen. We knew we had to do something. We had to do exactly what ‘People Loving Nashville’ had done for the homeless of our city. We had to show them some love by offering what we had to meet their need. Over the next few months we were able to purchase a space for them and outfit it with state of the art kitchen appliances. We also found them some office space that they won’t have to worry about losing. We were able to support them in their time of need so they could keep supporting others in theirs. This is what we’re all about. Watch the video to see more of the story.

You can join the ‘Better Than I Found It’ Movement by volunteering with People Loving Nashville or submitting an organization that may need our help. Click on our contact page to tell us how you’re joining the movement!

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