“I see my music as a movement, mixing hope and entertainment.” Those were Danny Gokey’s parting words in 2009 as he made his third place exit from American Idol, the country’s most popular talent competition. 

Danny didn’t know what that would look like, but he made it his mission to find out. Music had always been more than just soulful vocal acrobatics to the Milwaukee native. For him, it was a vehicle to deliver hope and inspiration to anyone within earshot. He was determined to find a way to marry his love of music and heart for helping people. So after American Idol he moved to Nashville, launched his music career and started Sophia’s Heart (named after his late wife), a nonprofit to serve underprivileged youth, flood victims and homeless families. In 2016, however, it was with deep sadness that Danny had to close the doors of Sophia’s Heart due to a lack of financial support.

Then, a song called “Better Than I Found It” from his sophomore record re-ignited Danny’s dream to make a difference. “Who is helping those who are already helping others?” he wondered. “What if we help them?” He didn’t want to see other people and organizations doing good work in their community have to shut down because they lacked necessary resources. And so, Better Than I Found It was established.

Better Than I Found It exists to bring a message of hope to millions of people by enabling and empowering other people and organizations to continue and expand what they are already successfully doing in their respective communities. By helping those who help others, we are able to exponentially multiply the impact that is made.

And when you join the movement, you help us to FIND the GOOD that those people and organizations are doing, to SHINE the LIGHT on the difference that they’re making, and to partner with them to LEAVE their corner of the world BETTER than they found it!

You might not be able to change the whole world on your own. But you can be a part of a movement that is changing the world one project at a time!

Invite others to be a part of the movement that is spreading hope and changing the world one project at a time using the hashtags #JoinTheMovement, #FindTheGood, #ShineTheLight and #LeaveItBetter.


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